Keep your communication secure and private with your
business partners

What is NonPry?

NonPry provides you a solution for communication with the highest level of data protection and encryption available as of today.

As a secure - SIP-based - VoIP application, NonPry enables you to communicate over the internet or to make calls to regular phone networks while preserving your privacy. It is for everyone who cares about keeping their conversation and data private and secure.

If you have nothing to hide but a lot to protect, NonPry is the right communication solution for you.

Why to use NonPry?

Complete security

Your calls, messages, and sent documents are unbreakable, thanks to the use of the highest level of encryption available today.

Complete privacy

The NonPry platform does not use your personal information, even more, your conversations will not be saved. In order to do this, we have authority permission.

Green servers

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. That is why we use communication servers powered by green energy.

Worldwide solution

You can make calls to more than 170 areas of the world, both mobile and landline, at great rates.

High customizability

Nonpry is a very easy-to-use system, but highly configurable - for example, you can turn off the autoconnection to car handsfree.

Reasonable pricing

Private, highly secured communication with your business partners and with your family - for only the price of two cappucino per month. What do you think, is it worth it?

Heavily encrypted calls

NonPry uses SRTP-TLS in order to make your calls undecryptable and uninterceptable.

HD quality audio

The quality of audio calls is crystal clear. For international, overseas calls, it’s like being next to your colleague, your family.

Use of regular number

There is an option for requiring regular incoming phone numbers, which will enable your partners to call you with local calling rates, no matter where you are located in the world.

Conference calls

Hassle-free conference calls from anywhere in the world - which is free between NonPry users!

Highly configurable

Call forwarding to any mobile or landline number? Combine different devices to one regular phone number? Not a problem! With NonPry you have a secure, but highly configurable phone system.

VoIP desktop phone

Our government-level security system, PPCrypt desktop phone solution, is also available to you. Learn more

Encrypted messaging

All of your images, documents and text messages sent to other NonPry users are not only heavily secured, but arrives through a special secure channel.

Unsaved communication

Our communication servers are only used to provide you the communication channel, the ecosystem does not keep your communication.

Push notification

Although NonPry is an isolated system on your phone, it notifies you immediately of the arrival of messages, like other not-so-isolated platforms.

Disabled read receipts

We believe that the time of reading and replying to received messages is our sovereign right. NonPry does not notify nethier you nor your partner about reading status of messages.

Mistake-proof interface

Sending an image or a document accidently can cause an unconfortable situation, or simply a big problem. To avoid these situation, we put these functions in a submenu.

Group messaging (soon)

We are committed to sustainability

And contributing to it in a number of ways. Firstly, our communication platform uniquely supports the social sustainability by giving the opportunity of private and secure communication for civil society and businesses alike. But, there is more.

According to a research, the ICT sector’s carbon footprint could be reduced by over 80 percent if all electricity consumed came from renewable energy sources. Therefore, at the beginning we decided that our infrastructure will be powered by renewable energy as much as possible.

We are proud that our entire communication infrastructure is powered by green energy!

Download and try NonPry Private Phone System

and keep your communication secure and private.

There are only two steps left:

      1. Register for your NonPry internal ID here!
      2. Download the application, and log in with your internal ID:

And from now, your communication with your family or business partner is secured!

Case studies

Customer reviews: why did we choose NonPry?

I bought a subscription for one of my clients because sometimes i didn’t understand what she was trying to tell me in a “coded language“.

Adrien, audit office owner

Against all my conspired clients, just like in the movies. I knew "One of them" was a "good boy", we probably won the lawsuit because we used NonPry!

Peter, lawyer

Information is the greatest treasure that cannot have enough sacrifice to be protected, so that negligence does not cost much later ...!

Andrew, programmer

We know that a patent entry took precedence in minutes! We, therefore, protect the development of our inventions with my partner by all means possible.

László and Ferenc, development engineer

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