Dramatic divorce

The breakup of a painful relationship is a sad circumstance every time and even lawyers are often put up with this drama. Divorce can evoke overflowing emotions on all parties that do not belong to anyone else.

Divorce is a truly unwanted life event. Every sentence has a special meaning. For a divorce lawyer who has been using NonPry for several years the distraction is the most important thing. "In a divorce, I have to discuss things about sexuality and intimacy that can't be shared with anyone else." "If only one of my call lists came to public, the divorce strategy that could decide the matter could be deduced! ” the star lawyer gives a comprehensive picture of a divorce process. Legal confidentiality is not only an ethical issue, but also a business one. A leaked sentence can mean serious millions to my clients. It is in a lawyer's own interest to protect the information entrusted to him. In fact! The legal profession is built on complete trust, which, if it is damaged, can easily ruin a lifetime’s work. “All my colleagues want to avoid this, so do I. That's why I consider communicating on NonPry to be a good decision… ”