Unauthorized people do a lot of damage to performers, too. Trick thieves can make even an entire “magician’s school” impossible."

“Trick thieves cause a lot of troubles in our profession,” says the head of the magic training course, who himself lives off magic. Trick thieves can ruin many years of work in an instant by not only stealing the details of a performance, but selling them to unauthorized people who resell it. “This is when the livelihood is in risk, as an interesting card trick or an “illusionist” number, will not be interesting for the audience if everyone knows the essence of the trick! "That's why we really need to protect what a professional magician makes a living from," our client shared with us. It should also be known that during magic training, young or novice magicians come up with many ideas of their own. Some of these new ideas need to be developed, shaped and staged. This process does not take only a minute - as they say. In this process, when an idea takes shape, it must not be seen or read by others, unauthorized, as rights would be violated.

We also heard from the head of a magician training abroad that they switched to NonPry because their Facebook account was hacked once and all their messages were read by trick thieves. A more serious magic trick is worth thousands of dollars, so it’s no wonder that there is a market for “cheaper solutions”. NonPry allows a freer communication. "It's interesting how liberating it is to know that what we're saying on a call can't be heard by anyone and that the idea remains between us! How nice it would have been if NonPry had existed a little earlier!" our user praised us.