Price negotiation

The process of buying and selling real estate is a confidential matter for real estate agents. Every detail has a special weight, so the confidentiality of the conversations is important!

"Even the wall has ears,” says a real estate agent involved in industrial real estate, laughing. When selling or renting a valuable property, at least 5 important basic data and numerous detailed questions must be reconciled. The more valuable a property is, the more small details it will have, with an obvious confidential nature. That is why the most important part of a correct transaction is to have the reconciliation, clarification of details and stated top and bottom prices, so all the information in the bargaining process itself is as secure as possible. “There were also situations where the buyer wanted to remain in a top secret for personal reasons for the seller. So I suggested NonPry to communicate with him and negotiate the details of the purchase on this platform.” The transaction was successful and the buyer's incognito was also preserved.