After the registration you will get your 7 digit NonPry Number assigned to your account. To start using our services, log in to the NonPry website, purchase the Basic Subscription and other services you would like to use, and install the NonPry application from App Store or Google Play.


- Secure, encryped calls with SRTP-TLS
- HD quality sound
- FREE calls to more than 170 areas of the world, landline and mobile (Fair use policy applies)
- FREE unlimited calls to all other NonPry users
- FREE encrypted text messages to other NonPry users
- Call forwarding to any mobile or landline number
- Push notifications
- Use your phone contacts to call any phone number inside or outside NonPry
- Quick dial screen to access all your important phone or NonPry numbers with a single tap
- iPhone, iPad, and iPod support with iOS 6.0 or later, and Android device support with 2.3.3 and later
- No advertisements


Purchase our Basic Subscription for a small monthly fee and start using our secure communication system. The basic subscription includes unlimited secure calls to other NonPry users and unlimited* free outgoing calls to more than 170 areas all over the world, including mobiles and landlines. Check our Calling Rates to see if the area code you wish to call is free.


For those destinations that are not included in our free package we offer you very low calling rates. In order to make calls at our cheap calling rates add money to your account balance through Quick Payment.


We offer unlimited Caller ID change. This service enables phone calls without revealing your personal phone number. You can also use it when you want to display a different phone number (e.g.: your office phone number, or if you have multiple physical phone lines). You can purchase this service in addition to our basic subscription.


Change the pitch of your voice to deep and creepy, or high and funny. You can buy this service in addition to our basic subscription for unlimited voice change option. If you activated this services you need to select the voice you wish to use for each call. You have the option to turn the Voice Changer on and off and activate it only if you need it.

* Reasonable Use Policy applies. Rates are subject to change without notice.