The developer’s secret

Industrial espionage is an everyday occurrence in the biotechnology industry! Secure communication is a basic requirement for the operation of companies, says the managing director of such a company.

"Industrial espionage? In biotechnology? It's a daily occurrence!" This is stated by the head of a German biotechnology company. . The ideas and results of the research and development department must be provided with constant and secure protection, since a suggestion, a new idea, starts processes that can easily lead to the final solution. In biotechnology, innovation changes from one moment to the next. The recognizion of a technological connection nowadays can worth hundreds of millions of dollars, this is why the companies staffs communicate only through NonPry [and ppcrypt]. “The competition in this industry is very fierce, so it is very important that all our development results, even the smallest ones, can remain secret,” admits the owner of the German company. "It's a hard-to-decipher formula, and we need to protect the procedures that lead to it, because our competitors are looking for similar solutions to ours".

NonPry brought creative momentum and speed to the daily business routine. Today, you no longer have to walk from one location of the company to another to coordinate the workflow, it is enough to discuss it with the help of the app. Moreover, when talking to foreign partners, it is useful to be sure that no one else can hear the discussion about the research findings . NonPry also brought peace and security to daily communication. "There is no need to fear that what we have worked hard for will fall into the hands of unauthorized persons" said the company's manager.