Cybersecurity - 2021-02-01

Data Breaches - 2019-2020

The year before COVID, and the year when everything has been changed. In addition to the dramatic tone, there is a large dose of practicality in our summary: we have collected the most significant data breaches from 2019-2020.


Cybersecurity at your Home - 2021-01-12

Cybersecurity tips: Secure your home Wi-Fi

To plug your router together and one moment later, using it with the given default credentials is tempting, isn't it? We collected six elementary tasks for making your home (office) more secure.


Cybersecurity at home - 2021-01-15

Secure your iPhone with this 6 tips

The days when we thought Apple devices were safe from hacks and malware are long gone. However, this is not necessarily the device manufacturer's fault. We live in the age of datacapitalism, where our (personal) data is the new product in the black market.


GDPR - 2021-02-23

The British Airways Story: £ 20m was just the GDPR fine!

The British Airways data leak was the first major incident since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduction. Although the penalty ended up being ‘just’ £ 20m, it looks like the story is far from over; damages lawsuits are only just beginning.


Cybersecurity - 2021-02-12

What do you get for $ 100 on the dark web?

With successful systems hacking, your personal data can fall into the wrong hands! But how much is your data worth on the dark web?